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Twin Baby Blankets Set XO


589-BB-Twin XO
30in x 40in

A super sweet way to identify your twins to us. Meaning the general public who cannot tell your beautiful babies apart! It’s a darling way of being out and about in town with them or even just a walk around the neighborhood. Also a great way for you to start practicing your answer to the question you will be asked in about…...10 yrs.  “Mom, who do you love more- me or HIM *gives him stink eye*” To the eternal question you shall answer. “You are the X to his O. Without the two of you, I wonder where I’d be, I wonder where I’d go.”

ChildBeWild baby blankets are soft velvety plush clouds of comfort for the softest baby rolls in town! These are your baby's soon-to-be favourite blankies! With colourful designs
As always if you have ANY customization requests, feel free to get in touch! We love designing unique pieces and at no extra charge- so go ahead and customize and/or personalize to your heart's content. **
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ChildBeWild blankets are made just for you with a lot of ❤️ **
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*Looking for a gift for that special munchkin of a nephew or niece? Have a goddaughter or godson in your life? Consider getting one of these custom baby blankets- they truly are unique and will earn you a gazillion brownie points for being so thoughtful! *