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Lewis Heart Warrior Baby Blanket



You know the best part about our job? That we get to design for amazingly strong families and their little ones. This beautiful blanket was designed at the request of Auntie Mary, looking to get a tribute blanket for her sweet heart warrior nephew- Lewis.

What first came up as a request to customize another design on the website, eventually turned into a project of it's own. 

The design is intended to be a very sweet, loving yet powerful imagery to wrap them up in. 
  • The hearts dropping from the cloud is love and healing that surrounds the child, with one that turned into their own mended heart. 
  • Note also that the source from which the love and healing is coming through is a cloud that holds their own name. This shows their own strength & perseverance toward his healing journey. 
  • The scar itself is made to be less visible with the soft orange on orange. It's a part of them, but does not define our children in anyway.


Are you looking for a unique baby gift? Not the same ol' diaper cake?

Are you looking for a super fun way to chart your baby's growth? A milestone blanket will make for the most amazing baby pictures that you will cherish forever.

Our baby blankets are the softest plushest cuddlers in town. Customize the names & colors to your liking!! So great for photoshoots 📸

Didn't find what you like? Have an idea simmering? Let us know and we'll help you get exactly what you want! We don't charge any extra fees for our design services 😇