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It's All Okay- A Bedtime Comfort Story For Children



This digital children's book talks to your child through simple, easy to absorb & understand language.

In such uncertain times are these, it is an effort to assuage and comfort children.

It's difficult enough for grown ups to wrap our minds around these sudden changes, but what about our children?

They're listening, reacting, or sometimes even worse- internalizing, the stresses that they see lurking in the shadows.

How to Use This Book:

  • Please read this book along with your child at bedtime.

  • It will, in a very effective way let them know that the most important things in life are still on track, thereby releasing the fear of the unknown in them.

  • "It's All Okay" is designed to be self-assuaging & affirmative in nature.

  • When the child reads the book aloud, they are talking in first person and just by this act alone they re-affirm to themselves that all is okay.

  • This together time can also be used to ask your little one gentle questions. It's a time to check in with them each night to make sure they're feeling alright.

The illustrations have been designed & put together to create lasting positive imagery in children's minds. Bedtime being a great opportunity to explore the art in the book and gather thoughts and ask questions to children.
It's the time where they are also wrapping and re-assessing their day. This is why we call this book, the amygdala reset for our littles.

To the world's children! May they always be braver, brighter & kinder than us!
This is a digital e-book in .PDF