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Custom Nautical Floor Mat



Ahoy! This classy customizable monogram floor mat is just the right amount of nautical. The design works wonderfully to gift someone for their cabin warming or beach house or housewarming!

ChildBeWild’s custom floor mats are guessed it..customizable! Contact us to personalize or custom create for seasonal decor, and gifting purposes.

Featuring a slim profile that will slide under most doors- you’ll never even know it’s there!

Also, it’s Durgan backed- meaning it has great anti-skid backing that won’t let it slip or slide!

Where can you place our floor mats? Any space in your home that is a higher traffic area and needs to be kept clean. Think main entry ways, kitchen, laundry room, garage, basement entrances, stair landings!

Why these mats make for fantastic gifts: 

First let me ask, what makes for a great gift anyway? Something that is..

  • Fun- Brings out a smile or a laugh!!
  • Budget Friendly- Won’t make you go digging in your kid’s piggy bank!
  • Statement Making- Will make statement in the giftee’s home!
  • Customizable- According to the season, occasion or person!
  • Major Brownie Point Earner- Will get you loads of brownie points for major thought with little effort!
  •  Check, check, check, check and check!

    Available in 3 sizes:

    18” x 24” : Great door mats for smaller doorways like the kitchen door entry or bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

    24” x 36”: Now these get our hearts racing. Fantastic gifts for new homes, cabins, boats, etc. Even monogrammed family name mats at the entry way- go for it!

    36” x 60”: To cover a larger area for bigger entryways. Great even for a more spacious bathroom! Fantastic to have in the entertaining area of your basement, or man cave or woman cave/she-shed. Also a good choice for dorm rooms!