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Why Choose Us

Contemporary Designs: Between the time a product is designed and manufactured in a traditional mass produced batch process, there is a lag of 9-12 months. Product offerings at traditional places are behind the times by at least a year. At Child be Wild, me and my team design stuff for today's taste.

Sell Only What We (Would) Use: There is not a single item in our store that my team or I would not use in our own homes. We refuse to sell anything that we are not in LOVE with. In theory, I might not care what goes in your home but I will only use the best for my own.

Customized Designs: We never manufacture before you place the order. We are not fast food. We are a gourmet kitchen that an old grandma runs. She makes only the best stuff and will sell it to you at a reasonable cost. I am Nana in this case.

Made in the USA: Go around your home and you will be hard pressed to find even one thing that is made and manufactured in the US of A. We are changing that. All our products are manufactured right here in this great nation of ours and especially for you.

Free Shipping: All our products come with free shipping in the continental US. I am no Jeff Bezos but we believe that shipping like wifi and air should be free. Also, I have beautiful long hair, take that Jeff.

Free Customizations: I live a thrifty lifestyle. My daughter does not attend a private school. I do not intend to buy my own island. Hence, I do all customizations at no extra cost to make sure that every product you get from us is your favorite.