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Return Policy

There are NO Returns/Refunds/Exchanges when you buy from us.


Let us Explain why.

We Create Made-To-Order Custom Products

We Practice & Promote Mindful Consumerism

We Must Care For Our Planet


We Create Made-To-Order Custom Products


We love creating and customizing beautiful and chic decor pieces for your home. Everything in our store- from our rugs, shower curtains, throw pillows, baby blankets, bathmats are all made-to-order.

Which means that only one of something is placed into production when you purchase from us. We do not mass-produce any of our designs. And because each is custom produced for you and most

often with a variety of customizations, and/or personalizations, it becomes very hard for a small business like ours to offer refunds or exchanges like bigger corporations. And we don't want to emulate

them anyways. Which leads us to our second point.


We Practice & Promote Mindful Consumerism


Case in point, our beloved Amazon. As much as we love Amazon and companies like it for the conveniences they offer, their business practices are questionable especially in this day and age. Amazon

loves getting people to impulse buy. Whether it's the one-click buy button, or the one-day/same day prime deliveries, or the no-questions asked return policies- all of this is intended to get us to buy, buy

now, and buy without consequences. And the best of us fall victim to this seduction. At ChildBeWild, that's a BIG no-no-no-no-no-no and NO. We WANT you to ask us a ton of questions, we WANT you

to spend time assessing your needs, we WANT you to make sure you're ready to buy, before you do. And we encourage that everywhere on our website. Every product has the option to either "Add To

Cart" or "See Proof First" because we're here to help you make that decision. We don't get you to buy first and then hope you'll like the custom product you requested.


We Must Care For Our Planet


Truth be told, we want to create 1000's of each design and stock them up so we can ship them out to you lightning speed and increase your joy and happiness. But at what cost? What will happen to

the 500 pieces from last year that did not sell, and now is not trendy enough to be put up for sale anymore? Those 500 pieces will end up in a landfill somewhere or be flooding an already strained

developing or third world country. Our planet can do with a little less stress, it's the only one we have. This is the reason we lovingly only produce, one order at a time. So please take some time to

understand our products and then make the purchase if you like.


The Why Behind The Scene


So why is it that ChildBeWild is actually taking the road less traveled? Why do we NOT want you to buy impulsively and hear more ka-chings on our phones. We have learnt and formed our policies by

being in business and serving thousands upon thousands of customers for the last 8 years. We assessed and improved our practices when someone was disappointed with their purchase. Implemented

more awareness, increased communication and enhanced our products. And this is thanks to ALL of our customers who gave us their hard-earned money. And it is so important that we respect those

experiences and offer better services to our future customers. We have learnt that arming people with as much information as possible BEFORE they make their purchase leads to a

happier, more satisfying exchange of goods & services on BOTH sides. We've set up speed breakers at multiple points so you can re-evaluate whether or not you really need or want the item you're

about to purchase. I personally feel that if more businesses offered that kind of buying environment, I would have more meaningful and purposeful things around my own home.


Replacement Policy for Defective Items


We 100% stand behind the quality and construction of our items. In case you receive something defective from us, know that we will replace the item for you 100%. Please contact us with a picture of

your item at within 10 days of receipt and we will replace it for you free of charge. Please know that we will only replace the item in the exact same



If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us



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