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About YOU

You are not easily pleased. You don’t like the run of the mill crap that you see in Walmart or Ikea, where they make 3 million of everything.

You are smart. You don’t have the time or the energy to go through a million different websites to find your perfect rug only to find that its not available in the size you want. If we don’t have your perfect rug, we will make it for you.

You are thrifty. As much as you would like to patronize Anthropologie and Pottery Barn- their stuff is too darn expensive. $1900 for a rug. My car isn’t worth that much. Especially when you know a family member (lets hope its your kid and not that weird uncle) or pet will eventually pee on it. Child be Wild rugs are affordable and easy to clean, in case of an accident. Oh hell, you could purchase a new one for the cost of dry cleaning a Persian rug.

You don’t want your family to fight after you kick the bucket. Can you imagine the amount of strife that would happen if you left an antique persian rug behind to your loved ones? Avoid all the bad vibes by getting one of Child be Wild and let the other siblings know where to get one, if they need it. Problem solved.