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About Us

We love beautiful things. And we don’t like to spend a ton of money getting said beautiful things to make our homes more beautiful.
While designing stuff for various clients, we discovered that there are plenty of more people who share our passion for beautiful on a budget.
Now trust me, if we had some serious cash, both you and I would be buying our dishwashing liquid from West Elm, undergarments from Anthropologie and teacup holders from Restoration Hardware.
But much as their stuff is beautiful, it is insanely expensive as well. It's almost like they don’t want us to buy anything from them. Did I mention we love conspiracy theories as well?
Now don’t get me wrong, you could go to Ikea or Walmart and get yourself a rug for $200. But then you will find that rug in every third person’s home you visit.
#Nofun :(
Think of Child Be Wild as West Resto Anthro Barn at prices that are more in line with IkeMart.
My name is Sophia and I am your curator/designer/confidante.
Me and my team of minions design everything you see on Child be Wild. If we could make one of everything you see here, we would be hoarding it all ourselves. Thank god we can make a few of everything so we can let others enjoy our quirky designs as well.
If you don’t see the exact thing that would complete your baby's nursery, or kid's space or perhaps you have a genius gifting idea- get in touch and we will make it for you!
Just so you know that I didn't come up with this whole thing last night on a whim. I have been making and selling custom designed rugs, shower curtains, bath mats, baby blankets, etc on Etsy since 2011.
On a serious note, my talented team and I have served thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers and I will consider it an honor if you choose Child be Wild to beautify your space.

- Sophia