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Parenting During a Pandemic Isn't Easy (And That's Okay).

2020 started out so good. We celebrated the return of the 20’s with fireworks, parties and memories with family and friends. And then it went downhill… fast.

By mid-March, the majority of the world was on mandatory lockdowns as we all quarantined and did everything we could to keep our most vulnerable members of society safe from the Corona Virus that was sweeping the globe. For some of us, these lockdowns lasted for 14 days, but for other parts of the world, we’re still under restrictions and now living with local face mask requirements as we head into the flu and cold season and gear up for a second wave of COVID-19.

Toss a baby (or multiple babies) into the mix and it’s fair to say that 2020 has been a complete gongshow. If you’ve had a baby while being isolated, let me just say that I am so sorry. It’s so difficult to navigate the first few months of new-parenthood in normal circumstances, but when you’re forced to do it completely alone? I know it must feel impossible.

BUT there’s a silver lining! I believe that parents (and especially mamas) are actually the best kind of people to handle a pandemic with grace, and here’s why:


“Umm, please keep your germs away from my newborn.”

We’ve all thought this at least a few times in the early days of having a new baby around. They’re so teeny tiny, sweet and cute - but they also have very small immune systems that are still getting used to the world they’ve just arrived in.

Naturally, we do everything that we can to protect them. We keep a safe distance where possible when we have to go out. We use stroller and breastfeeding covers to keep icky germs away from them to the best of our ability. We don’t even really go out - I mean, have you tried to go anywhere with a newborn baby? By the time you pack the diaper bag and get them into their seat, they probably need a diaper change and it’s been about an hour and a half. So if we can totally avoid going out anyway, we definitely will!

A global pandemic is the perfect excuse to hide behind when you ask a stranger to back up a little and give you some space.


In fact, let’s take this a step further. Hasn’t it always been one of our dreams to be served everything that we need and not have to see anyone at all if we don’t want to? In the last 6 months, so many of us have used the beautiful services provided by our local grocery stores so that we don’t even have to set foot. You just order what you want, drive up to the store and wonderful frontline worker will put the bags in your trunk. It’s so simple!

Plus, if we’re totally honest with ourselves, those first few weeks of parenthood are messy and a little icky. Between wearing super ultra maxi pads, leaking nipples that gush milk at the sound of your baby crying, having not showered in 4 days and the exhaustion of tending to a new little life 24/7… it’s a little bit of a blessing in disguise that we have an excuse to never leave the safety and comfort of our beds.


Maybe you have older kids and are worried about how you’re going to keep them entertained when they’re cooped up inside for weeks (or months)? Here’s a little secret: ANYTHING will entertain kids. If you’re into having some screen time, plan a movie night every night and work your way through everything on Disney+. You might even find some new and unexpected favourites!

No screen time? No problem! Toss literally anything at them and they will be happy with it for hours. Trust me… my daughter once played with a bowl full of pinecones and a spoon for HOURS. Get creative, grab a little of whatever is laying around, and let their imaginations run wild!


Bottom line here, however you handle this pandemic, you’re a freaking rockstar and need to cut yourself some slack. There is no trophy here. No one is watching you and judging the decisions you’re making. If you have to feed the kids leftover Kraft Dinner one night just to save a bit of sanity, do it. If you need to let the baby cry for 5 minutes longer than you usually would so you can finish shaving your legs, as long as they’re safe, do it. Parents are the best kind of people in a pandemic because we are adaptable and want nothing more than to keep our families and neighbours healthy.

So give yourself a pat on the back, and don’t stress about what the future might hold. 2020 has sucked, it’s true, but you’ve been amazing. I promise it will get easier soon!


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