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I See You, Mama.

I see you, mama. Sitting there on the bathroom floor. The thought of having a tiny baby seemed so dreamy and wonderful, and now you're staring at two pink lines and wondering if you're really ready for this.

You are.

I see you, mama. 10 weeks pregnant and so sick that all you want to do is lay in bed all day. You're worried every day, praying you make it to 12 weeks so you're in the "safe" zone and can finally tell everyone about this new life growing inside you. The idea of food has you running to the bathroom and you're wondering how you're going to survive another 7 months of this.

You will.

I see you, mama. Your belly has outgrown your pre-pregnancy clothes, and your curves are setting in. There's a glow about you that tells the world that you're ready for this new role. You treasure every kick, every hiccup and you dream about who this little person will be. You imagine the curve of their lips and the soft hair on their head. The next 2 months can't pass fast enough.

Soak it in.

I see you, mama. They tell you labour is hard and painful, but they don't tell you it'll be like this. You spend months writing out the perfect birth plan, but your body and this baby have a different idea in mind. When it's time to push, you grab your partners hand and look in their eyes and utter "I'm scared". But they look at you with tears in their eyes, overwhelmed by the incredible woman laying before them who is about to birth their child, and say, "You've got this baby. I'm right here."


And push.

Until finally, the most beautiful cry you've ever heard fills the room.

Yes, I see you mama. Holding your little one for the first time. Soaking in the moments. You did such a good job, mama. Enjoy these moments, and memorize the way their tiny eyes look up at you so full of love. Everyone always tells you the days, and weeks, and months will turn into years before you know it, but you don't truly realize how right they are until these moments are gone.


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