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Make Some Waves With Nautical Nursery Inspiration For Your Babies Nursery!

Show of hands... How many of you LOVE this trendy nursery theme? 

There are so many different ways to go when you choose to create a nautical themed room for your little one, and here are a few key things to note to make sure it comes together seamlessly:

 - Keep your POP OF COLOUR within the blue/green family. Think the colours of the oceans!

 - Adding WHIMSICAL elements, like a gorgeous white sailing ship hanging from the ceiling, will help the space keep some of the magic!

 - When adding TEXTURES, think linen and jute. Both of these materials are very similar to those actually used on ships and will help pull the entire space together.

 - HAVE FUN WITH IT! Adding obvious pieces, like sea animal stuffed animals and gorgeous coral lamps, keep the space from being too serious! It is a child's room, after all.

We've rounded up some of the most gorgeous (and popular!) Nautical themed nurseries on the internet, and then did a little shopping to help YOU get this gorgeous look for your own little one! 


Fans of the neutral look, rejoice! Not only is it possible to stick with your love of all things white and crisp and still have a nautical feel to your room, but it has gorgeous results! Just check out this stunning nursery by The Picket Fence Projects.

Keeping all of your large pieces in the room neutral (in this case, white) means that you're free to add your fun pops of colour and feeling through the pieces you add to the room. The small touches, with the rope-wrapped lamps and that stunning whale wall art, are what bring life to the space and translate the feeling we're aiming to create.

Add a custom monogrammed rug to the space to warm it up and add a personal, sweet touch!

Decorating your nursery with those smaller elements also has the added benefit of being able to transition the space to a new theme as your little one gets older with ease. Win-win!

If you're someone who loves the look of a neutral space but want to take it up a notch, this space by @mrskaplar on Instagram is the inspiration you've been looking for.

Every individual element in this space works beautifully together to transport you onboard a grand ship, bobbling gently in the waves of the deep blue sea. Some of those key pieces are the different blue tones, combined with jute and rope-like accents, and put all together they bring that sense of wonder and adventure into your nursery.

Swap the pillow out on the chair for something personalized with the name of your sweet little babe and this room is sure to instantly become your favourite space in the house!

Trend alert! Oversized decals on a focal wall are hot right now, and for good reason! They bring an element of wonder, whimsy and magic to any space. In this room, whales dance in the waves and the room has a very bright, Scandinavian feel with the light woods and white accents.

Toss a custom baby blanket over the arm of the rocking chair and you've got a gorgeous nursery for your little one to spend their nights (and naps!) in!

This last space is for the bold and adventurous, but oh how beautiful of a space! Dark walls are not for the faint of heart, but when done with the right mix of light coloured decor, they can bring a different element and feeling to a space.

These dark navy walls remind us of being deep below the waves, where mysterious and magical sea creatures swim and ships float overhead. Take that imagery a step further by adding those elements in, like they did here... That hanging ship is so whimsical!

Add in a few special stuffed animals and custom wall art pieces of sea creatures - think whales, octopi, and unusual and colourful fish - and you've got a beautiful undersea oasis of a room for your little one.

There are so many ways to interpret the trendy nautical theme in your nursery, so you truly can just let your mind wander freely and bring your favourite pieces and decor elements together in the space to capture the exact feeling you're going for!

Before we wrap it up, here's a pro tip to take your nautical nursery up a notch or ten!

Nautical decor brings to life visions of the vast expanse of sea and travels across the oceans. Now you may or may not have traveled by water, but this is still a great place to add travel memorabilia you've collected over the years. Pick the ones that bring sweet memories and stories to mind. It's the perfect way to tie them to the newest adventure coming up on the horizon!

Need a bit more help putting together the perfect nursery? We're here for you! Feel free to send us a message and we would love to get started TODAY on creating the perfect pieces to bring your vision to life!

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