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Floral Nursery Inspiration For Your Baby Girl!

"Teach your daughters to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings." - Unknown

If you're here reading this blog, we feel like it's safe to assume that you have a beautiful little girl who is going to be joining your family soon. Raising daughters is a tremendous responsibility, but one of the biggest blessings in this world. We have the privilege of making sure the next generation of women are even stronger than we are, and you're going to do an amazing job.

Designing a nursery that will allow your sweet little girl to bloom and grow is as simple as checking out this post and getting inspired. We're obsessed with floral themed nurseries lately!

Are they trendy? Yes. Are they absolutely gorgeous? Also yes.

The best part of choosing to go with a floral nursery is there truly is no set or structured theme to stick to. All you need to do is choose a colour palette that you love and stick within that to keep things cohesive. Beyond that, your imagination is free to get as wild (or stay as subtle) as you'd like!

So if you're ready to dive into the steps to follow when putting together a beautiful floral nursery, as well as get some inspiration, then keep reading!


So let's start right at square one - exactly how bold do you want your space to be? 

Would you say that you're drawn to the large, gorgeous wall decals? Or do you prefer small accents that give your room a lovely little pop of colour?

There's absolutely no right or wrong answer here... it's all about how you want the room to FEEL.

Oversized floral decals in soft pinks and a hint of greenery will give your room the illusion that you've walked right into a bed of beautiful flowers. Once you've decided on the perfect decals, use those to coordinate all of the other pieces in the room to keep things feeling cohesive!

Plus, you can add an even more personal touch to the room by picking up a custom baby blanket for all of those newborn cuddle sessions!

And if you're feeling like you want to add an ultra-glam touch, go for a stunning glass chandelier and dimming lights to set the mood during those night time feeds.

For those who want to be a bit more subtle with your floral decor, this is the inspiration board for you! 

Choosing to keep your main pieces neutral, like your walls and the large furniture in the room, means that you can have a bit more fun when it comes to all of the little elements that will truly bring the space together! And who doesn't like to have a little bit of fun when decorating, right?

Not quite finding the perfect wall art? Luckily for you, we can do any kind of custom work that you need to get the look just right in their room!

Think whites, light beiges, and natural fabrics. Maybe even get a little wild and add some soft pinks and gold! All of these components together will help make sure that your small, detailed touches of floral through the space POP, without being too bold.  

Whatever route you choose to go with your nursery, you're guaranteed to come out of the decorating process with a stunning nursery that is the envy of all your parenting groups.

Bonus Tip Before We Let You Go!

There's nothing that better signals new life than a blooming flower. While decals and decorative objects run galore on the internet, see if you can find some part of nature from your own backyard to add to your little's space. It could be a wonderful way to document the changing weeks both outside in nature and indoors in your baby! A vase with weekly changes of flowers or keeping some indoor plants and watching their growth alongside your baby would be such a special thing to witness and document.

Need a bit of extra help really bringing your room to life? Send us an email and we would be thrilled to help you out with some pieces that will truly bring the entire space together. We can't wait to get started!

Hi! My name is Sophia! Welcome to, where we design beautiful, meaningful decor for babies & kids. Our blog here is a design psychology playground where I explore concepts and ideas around building spaces for our young ones! I'm also Mama to a sprightly 9 (almost 10, but we'll hang onto 9 for as long as we can) year old who is the inspiration behind everything you see on ChildBeWild.


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