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Adventure Nursery Inspiration For Your Baby's Room!

If you're here reading this blog, chances are you're about to embark on the next great adventure in your life - parenthood! Raising small humans is no small feat, and it is guaranteed to be the most challenging and rewarding thing you'll do in your life.

So it only makes sense that you're looking to design a beautiful Adventure themed nursery for your newest addition! And here's our favourite thing about choosing adventure as your theme... it can literally be interpreted any way that you'd like! So whether you're looking to head off on a mountain trek, or fly off into the sunset in a hot air balloon, you can truly let your imagination and heart guide you through designing this special space.


Our first stop on this trip down inspiration lane is going to be in this beautifully imaginative space... With hand-painted ombre mountains and a bright gold compass in the roof, this room has us longing for a weekend getaway!

The use of colour in this room is also superb! The moodiness of the blue tones are contrasted nicely with the bright pop of yellow, and keeps it from getting too dark. If you want to play with darker colours in your space, definitely do it! Don't be afraid! Adding that bright, refreshing pop of colour can be all a space needs to keep it from feeling like you went a little too dark.

Are you a creative or artistic person? If the answer is yes, then roll up your sleeves and have a blast free-handing the art on the walls in your space! If you would prefer to leave the art up to the professionals, oversized decals in all colours and shapes are available all over the internet to help make this process just a smidge easier.

Choosing to go bold in your space and keeping everything truly neutral and monochromatic can feel intimidating, but oh boy does it ever pay off! There's something undeniably stunning about a space that is all black and white, with just a few pops of gold metal and colour here and there!

It's chic. It's trendy. And it's totally nursery-approved! 

Mix in some different elements in the textures you choose and the smaller decor items you bring in, and you can easily transform this space into anything you want - including a beautiful safari theme! 

You're going to be spending a lot of time in the nursery during the first few months of your little ones life, so it's important to remember that this space is not just for them... it's for YOU, too! So many sure that however you choose to decorate the space, it will bring a sense of calm and happiness to you as well.

Bonus Pro Tip!

Do you have a bit of wanderlust and have special keepsakes you've collected from around the world? Incorporate those heartfelt pieces into your nursery by giving them a special place of their own in the room. Not only will it make you smile and transport you back to that memory every time your eye catches a glimpse of them, but they're unique and add an element of whimsy to the space.

Whatever road you choose to walk down with this theme, we know one thing is for sure: you're in for one wild ride so close your eyes, throw your hands up in the air and just have fun.

Need an extra hand putting together your perfect nursery? Send us an email and we would love to start working on those extra special pieces that will pull the room and concept together today!

Hi! My name is Sophia! Welcome to, where we design beautiful, meaningful decor for babies & kids. Our blog here is a design psychology playground where I explore concepts and ideas around building spaces for our young ones! I'm also Mama to a sprightly 9 (almost 10, but we'll hang onto 9 for as long as we can) year old who is the inspiration behind everything you see on ChildBeWild.


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