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Foolproof Way to Design Your Nursery!

Posted on January 29 2020

Foolproof Way to Design Your Nursery
Yes, it can be overwhelming even just thinking of a design or reno project. Perhaps you’re considering converting the spare office room into your baby’s nursery. Great idea- you absolutely should do it! But perhaps also arising from the depths of you is the doubt monster! 

              "Where do I begin?" 

              "What if I fail?"

              "What if I pick the wrong colour?"
              "What if it’s not going to look half as great as my Pinterest inspo board?!"

If you’ve been wanting to build a nursery for your little one, but don’t know where to begin or are afraid of messing up- then definitely keep reading. 

There are many elements that come together to build the spaces we enclose ourselves in, and the final result truly has an intangible and powerful impact on our emotional and mental well being. 

Today we’re going to look at three focus areas that you can reverse engineer from to begin decorating your baby’s nursery! 

ALL of these are pivotal in bringing your vision together and they will at some point guide the others. But in order for your design journey to be friction-free, pick the one that is most important to you, to lead and influence the rest.


How To use Color To Design Your Nursery

Colour, whether we know it or not, affects us on many levels and this gets even more complicated when a colour has an adverse effect on someone due to their past association with it. 

It’s not always obvious why we’re drawn to certain colours and repelled by others because a lot of this information is stored sub-consciously as well. 

For ex.: Someone may feel calm and composed in a monochrome beige palette room, but to you, it might look boring, dull and depressing because it reminds you of a cloudy day and you’re more of a sunshine girl. 

So are YOU someone who absolutely knows they’re affected by colour? 

That you feel a certain way if the colours are NOT right. 

If so, I’d definitely encourage you to pick COLOUR to build your foundation on! 

It will make finding everything else in your nursery easier to pick out, co-ordinate and put together.


How To Use Emotion To Design Your Nursery

If you call “feeling the vibe” of places and people one of your secret superpowers, then you definitely should design by emotion

How do you feel at this juncture of life- grateful? excited? 

What do you want to feel in your nursery? 

Do you want it to be a calm and soothing space, do you want it to be fun and stimulating? Do you want it to be peaceful? Aspirational? 

Whatever emotion comes bubbling up within you, can then guide you to find a symbol that represents that particular emotion to YOU, and that can be your guiding light to picking everything else out. 

For ex.: If the dominant feeling is one of being at peace- say someone has always wanted to have a child, and maybe they’ve gone through a lot of hurdles to get here and what they have is an overwhelming feeling of contentment and peace, that this dream is finally becoming a reality. 

SO- If we want the nursery to feel peaceful- ask yourself- where is it that you find most peace? Or what is it that represents that peace to you? Is it Nature? A colour? 

It could even be something intangible like soft morning light peeking through the curtains, and if so then incorporate those curtains and find pieces in colours that illicit that emotion from you.


How To Use Function To Design Your Nursery

Function is paramount. 

As the old design adage goes, "Form Follows Function." 

And if you’re someone that can resonate with this because you are always tuning the order and functionality of your space, then needless to say- start here! 

Because it might matter very little to you how gorgeous the changing table is if say you can’t get to your baby’s onesies in the drawer below because it’s jammed shut and using up the last bits of reserve energy you have to tug it open. 

Even mouthing this is exhausting. 

So let’s do a virtual reality exercise. Imagine moving around in your nursery with your baby, what do you want the flow to be like? 

Consider things like ease of movement within your space, ease of picking up and putting baby down. Getting in and out of your rocking chair. 

Because you’ll likely be doing a lot of this on tiptoes- making sure the 45 minutes you spent trying to make her go to sleep won’t be wasted when you accidentally trip over something or creak open a drawer.

Nursery Santuary - Failproof Way to Design Your Nursery!

As a new mom, this nursery that you build is going to be YOUR sanctuary just as much as your little ones. You really want this space to be beautiful and functional, and it all starts with a little bit of reflection on these areas. 

You’ll then be well on your way to creating that gorgeous space for the newest member of your family. 

All with minimum amount of frustration and most amount of clarity & confidence. 



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